Community and Stakeholders

Sunstone Metals maintains a policy of openness and transparency in its plans for the exploration and development of its projects. The Company will progress its projects in careful consultation with all of its stakeholders.

The Bramaderos Project is located in a sparsely populated, agricultural region of southern Ecuador at approximately 900m elevation. Sunstone's joint venture partner, Cornerstone Capital Resources, have operated in the country for over twenty years and have established environmental and social teams with proven experience to execute exploration activities with community support.

The Southern Finland Gold Project is located in agricultural and forestry areas close to small townships. Stakeholder and community engagement are integral to our exploration programs.

The Viscaria Project is located close to the town of Kiruna and is traversed by rail and power infrastructure. The Viscaria Project has always co-existed with the other land uses, and Sunstone will maintain the status quo.

It is Sunstone’s goal to establish a new mining operation at Viscaria. This will involve open pit and underground mining operations and construction of a new treatment plant. The operation is envisaged to create employment for up to 200 operators and contractors based in Kiruna. In addition to establishing new mining operations at Viscaria, the Company seeks to discover new copper deposits within the Viscaria area.

All stakeholders are invited to contact the Company direct by email at